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Make Soup, Not War.

Would you eat something that’s been stored in a can for over a year? Well unless you’re in the middle of a war zone and you have nothing to eat, this would be your go to option. But right now, we have an abundance of fresh food to eat and to feast on. So why should you stay away from canned soup?

First, let’s talk about the ingredients! My favorite part! Well, the vegetables that are used to make these wonderful soups are specifically designed so that by the time they are heated up by you, they are nice a soft and ready to eat. That means they produce bat hard veggies, so that they don’t become soggy. And I don’t even want to go into the process of the meat they put in there, you can only imagine!

The way the packaging of these soup cans works is they have a lining called BPA that is very toxic but helps to keep the food from going completely rancid. If you haven’t heard about BPA it is usually found in plastic water bottles and other plastic products and can cause many health issues like breast cancer or heart disease. These cans are heated at 250 degrees by FDA requirements to prevent food decay. So that means you are eating BPA marinated soup along with steel made ingredients that are then heated at high temperatures and then sit on a shelf for months with an expiration of… next year! You still want that soup?

If you’re still not grossed out, just read the ingredients list and see all the added preservatives and chemicals to give it some kind of flavor. And as if the canned soup wasn’t enough, there are also plastic containers that you can microwave to really mutate your food. Have you ever heard of putting your kitchen sponge in the microwave to kill bacteria? If you haven’t it’s an old trick. If you have, than don’t you think the microwave kills your food too?

At the end of the day soup is actually not that much work. Chop up a bunch of veggies, add some spices, water and veggie broth and you’re pretty much good to go. For a ton of fun and tasty recipes check out One Green Planet. So your lesson for today is, canned soup is for war times only! So enjoy fresh made home soup that is non toxic and healthy for you!

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