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Water, sun and... Chemicalytes?

Our youth today is very disconnected from the food they put into their bodies. They also are influenced to drink alcohol heavily and regularly without realizing the bad habits and repercussions that come with this.

In this episode, we took it to the beach during spring break to find out what the youth was putting into their bodies and leaving behind the remnants to the ocean. Miami’s Beaches face a huge pollution crisis with each beach holiday whether it be Spring Break, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend etc.

While trashing your body is one thing, trashing the very place you came to enjoy is another. The youth definitely needs to be educated and made aware of their patterns with peer pressure and the way the Earth is treated. This is what causes cities to ban holiday weekends thus cutting out the fun for everyone due to continuous irresponsibility. Yes, I am ranting right now, but it is very upsetting having visitors come to the beautiful beach all while trashing their bodies and the environment. It just doesn’t make sense!

So in this episode check out as I point out the chemicals in the products millions of Americans consume on a daily basis. From Vitamin Water to Gatorade, these chemical filled water bottles contribute to pollution and to ones health. While they are advertised as great solutions for hydrating, they are far from it. Yes, athletes drink it too but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. With isolated chemical ingredients, artificial sugars, and preservatives your body definitely does not want this when thirsty.

There are many alternatives to hydrating your thirst while on the beach. Simply fill up a cold a bottle with fresh squeezed lemon water and add your choice of refreshing frozen fruits as ice cubes like strawberries, blueberries, cucumber, mango etc.

So check out the video and let me know what you learned in this episode.

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