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The One on Salad Killers

Stop killing your salad! Yes! Salad dressings are not what you think they are whether you are eating out at Chilli’s or Applebee’s or picking up ranch dressing at the grocery store. These salad dressings are very high in empty calories that do not provide any nutritional caloric intake. As you’re eating a luscious green salad with veggies, dousing your salad in a creamy store bought dressing will counter act all that healthy good stuff you’re eating, so what’s the point? Your salad becomes a complete contradiction of what you are trying to accomplish here! Might as well go for the burger… It’s usually the same amount of calories believe it or not.

Look, salad can be a delicious part of your meal. It doesn’t have to be dreadful and doused with a creamy dressing to taste good. You have to think outside the box here and be open minded. There are many home made dressings you can make and store at home from basic olive oil garlic dressing to creamy pesto dressing. The options are endless, but it’s up to you to make the switch. Adding beans, nuts and seeds such as black beans, garbanzo beans, pumpkins seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts and shredded almonds can add great tasting flavor and a twist to your regular old lettuce with tomato salad. You can even add dried fruit such as cranberries!

Be creative. Think variety and color. Don’t stick to lettuce, play with spinach, arugula and kale. Mix it all together. The idea is to have an abundance of nutrients not empty calories that will leave you hungry.

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